Your Personal Brand Matters NOW More Than Ever

If you’re like 99% of the population, your daily life has drastically changed in just a handful of months. Many of us went from commuting to an office almost every day to a commute from your bed to your home office (and never getting out of pajamas). We’ve gone from meeting guests at the elevators and offering coffee to seeing the same familiar familial faces throughout the day while stopping for bathroom breaks and snacks. We’ve seen less and less (in person anyway) of our external friends and family, and we’ve spent more time at home in the last 3 months than we did all last year.

But even with all of these changes we’ve made and adaptations we’ve accepted, one thing matters NOW more than ever, and that is…your personal brand.

Here are 3 reasons why this time of change is actually the perfect time to ensure all of your personal branding is exactly where it should be:

1. Less in-person means EVERYTHING is online.

With less and less in-person interaction going on, we are all realizing how KEY our online presence needs to be. We’ve always known that reaching new customers online is a great way to grow your clientele and reach your audience – but right now it’s not only a GREAT way, but it’s also the ONLY way. The audience you have will be forced to “meet” you through the pages of your social media. If they buy from you, they’re buying from your website, not your brick-and-mortar storefront. When your potential clients are “meeting” you online, how confident are you that the persona they are meeting is as close to meeting you in person as possible? Is it an accurate reflection of yourself, what you have to offer, what it’s like to work with you? From your website to your color scheme – your logos to your personal brand photos, they should all give your audience an idea of what you and your product or service are all about.


2. Not just online, but online All. The. Time.

If you are like most people, chances are you have MORE time on your hands now by default. You may have become painfully aware that your online presence is in need of some polishing. You can use this time to rethink, revamp, and plan out more relevant and creative content. You can use this time to reach new clients and help them in ways that could improve their daily lives. Think about what is uniquely yours to offer up right now, in times of need? How can you be of service to your customers during this time?

3. Changes mean…well…changes! New needs, and new ways to solve them.

Changes in the times, and in circumstance means the needs and desires of people change with them. Our “new normal” – as much as we might loathe that term right now (I know I do) – has people pivoting into new careers, side careers, or reaching for a parallel means of generating

additional revenue within our virtual reach. Chances are, you may just have something that could benefit people more NOW than it ever did in the past. By developing your personal brand into a visually, scroll-stopping feed with a nice side of amazingly beneficial content that speaks to them, you can attract new customers by offering a solution to their newly arising problems.

Whether we like it or not, these are insane times, and by the looks of it – not settling down anytime soon. We decide what we do with all the crap that’s been thrown on our plate. In my opinion, there’s never been a better time – or reason! to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

Invest time and energy into taking your personal brand to the next level – and your personal brand visuals are the first and fastest way to get a jump start on that.

Article by: Fayth Ribeiro

Photos: FaythPhotography