Statement of Commitment

The Ocean Reef Community is unique in many ways. This special community requires services and products which meet its exacting requirements. Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce members are businesses that are committed to meeting these demanding standards. Chamber members deliver quality services, products, and expertise, while also contributing as solid community citizens.

Why should you choose an Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce Member for your Ocean Reef requirements? Because when you CHOOSE CHAMBER Members you have assurance of knowing the following:

  • The Ocean Reef Chamber of Commerce has a close working relationship with Ocean Reef Club and with ORCA. These three organizations share common values and goals. This working relationship and our convergent missions, provides Chamber Members with the right focus in serving our unique customer base.

  • Chamber Members AND their employees all pass the ORCA stringent background check prior entering the community.

  • Chamber Members meet all of ORCA requirements for doing business on Ocean Reef, including substantial insurance, trade licenses, and paying Monroe County and ORCA business fees.

  • The Chamber and its Members give back to the community through several annual benefit functions, which raise funds for deserving charities.

  • Individual Chamber Members donate time and money to many Ocean Reef causes including, The Ocean Reef Community Foundation, ORCAT, The Medical Center, The Cultural Center, The Keys Children’s Foundation, The Keys Children’s Shelter, Habitat for Humanity Key Largo and many others. Chamber Members believe in giving back to the community that supports them.

  • Chamber Members are committed to customer satisfaction. If for ANY reason a customer has an issue with a Chamber Member, the customer and the Member can seek a settlement arrangement through the Chamber’s Dispute Resolution Committee. The decision of the committee is required to be followed by all Members to maintain active status in the Chamber.

  • Chamber Members commit themselves, their companies, and their people to each of the statements above to be part a part of The Chamber, and therefore, a value added contributor to the Ocean Reef Community.

Please, when the opportunity or the need to seek products or services here at Ocean Reef, CHOOSE CHAMBER members. Each member shares your zeal for quality and your values as good community citizens.